1. Why Maris?

Because everything else is not Maris.
Maris is derived from Latin meaning ‘that which belongs to the sea’. The moment you choose Maris, you become the sea. You come to the sea. You come to Maris. Maris is a starfish who along with Bindi, The Illyrian god, leads to prosperity. With more than 2560 hours of sunshine per year, Ulcinj and Maris is the only destination for your vacation. ...Maris brings the flavor of the Mediterranean intertwined with the delicacy of olive oil which is processed up in the smallest detail by the hands of local craftsmen, fresh fish from Ulcinj’s fishermen, and salt- the greatest wealth that this town has. At the end of the day, everyone ends up with the sacred trinity of the table; bread, salt, and love.

2. Do we step in the sun?

Besotted by the scent of the Adriatic breeze, warmly embraced by the sunlight, in the most pleasant Albanian oasis in Montenegro; there is Maris; a meeting point of modern and traditional lifestyles. ...It is Ulcinj that makes the difference; it turns Maris into an oasis of peace, love, and coziness. Maris is located at the crossroad that connects the majestic two thousand and five-hundred-year-old Castle with the olive grove of the mystical Valdanos, where Fairies and Beauties run and swim on the golden shores of Ulcinj.

3. STAYING IN MARIS | What does it mean?

Staying in Maris means more than just enjoying the Limani beach where Maris is found. You can do a boat tour in the most magical destinations the nature of the city of Ulcinj offers. ...From the Little Beach’s berth, you can visit the rocky shores and The Great Beach along its entire length of 14 km up to the mouth of the Buna River.
Also, another attraction is Guri i Gjeranave from where you can easily see Cape Rodon and Kruja Mountains if the weather is clear.
On the other hand, if the starting point is again the Little Beach or Maris, you can check the other coast of Ulcinj which sends you through the Xhemile Valley and beyond the Gulf of Valdanos.
Between Valdanos and the Rana Bay hides a series of small bays with sandy and rocky beaches. In the northwest of Valdanos, toward the direction of Bar, lie the bays of Krythe, Old Ulcinj and Kruç. With the construction of the main road, Ulqin - Tivar, houses, and lodges have been built on the edge of these bays. Beaches in these bays are narrow, sandy, and rocky. The greenery in these bays is made up of olive groves, forests, and other evergreens coniferous and deciduous trees.
On the slope of Mendra hill, there is a cave, a rocky gorge eroded by the sea, the so-called Vizier Beard. a unique prehistoric ?. Before entering the gorge ofValdanos, at the foot of the limestone hill of Mavrian, the sea waves have opened the Cave of The wolf, on which rises the perpendicular rock The rock of Zana, and on the edge of the top of the bay are two water springs: the Pine Fountain and the Fairy Fountain. Near The Vizier,s beard cave, near the Mendra lighthouse, is also the Pigeon Cave. The toponym of Valdanos Bay has often attracted the attention of locals and scientists. It is widespread the meaning the valley of the nuts, which is derived from the Italian words Valle di noce. This hypothesis is based on the fact that near the beach in Valdanos there are centuries-old nuts. But there is also the interpretation of the local linguist, Ruzhdi Ushaku. He emphasizes that Valdanos is a toponym from the Albanian words for the bride,s dance, emphasizing that even in the older maps Valdanos is marked as vale di nusi. When talking about Valdanos, the people of Ulcinj do this with special love as if addressing the most beautiful woman, shtojzovalle or flocke (mermaid), being convinced that this is their bay, their home.
The olive grove of Ulcinj located near Valdanos, has about 74,000 olive trees, is the second largest on the Adriatic coast. It is unique because about 75% of it is found in a complex. The average age of olives is longer than 300 years, but some of them are from the time of Greece,s antiquity (5th-century b.c.). The famous oil of Ulcinj, in amphoraes, was a commodity equal to gold, and reached as far as Trieste, Venice, Rome and Cairo, as well as inland (in Shkodra, Skopje, Diokle, Ras, Prizren, etc.). At the time of the harvest (collection) of olives, from the olive grove, echoed the song of the collectors. According to a local legend, a boy could not marry before he planted at least one olive branch. For many artists, the olive was an inspiration for their art pieces.


Maris is not only a beautiful view of the sea. Maris is the synonym for comfort, purity, and serenity. When caring for the hygiene of the environment where you will stay, our staff uses the most modern, most innovative methods with care and conservation of nature. ...The bedsheets are 100% organic cotton while soaps are handcrafted by the hands of local women who combine olive oil and types of medicinal plants to create the magic that you can only experience in Maris. Also on the hotel premises, we offer local artisan workplaces where you can get gifts for your people back home.

5. LOVE STARTS FROM THE STOMACH | Bio and organic food!

The menu at Maris consists of an elegant mix of Mediterranean cuisine with modern and traditional Ulcinj foods prepared with bio and organic ingredients which local farmers and ranchers cultivate with much effort, love and dedication. ...